How to hide a tattoo from your parents

By Danny Mounce

So your parents don’t want you to get a tattoo, get one anyway. That is if you’re the legal age to get one. Many parents don’t want their adult children to get a tattoo. As long as they’re living in their house they have to follow their rules. You’re an adult you can make your own decisions. If you have a good relationship and don’t want to lie to your parents than this may not be a good idea for you, but many young adults don’t want to wait to move out to get inked. says “According to the most recent Harris Poll, conducted in the summer of 2003, approximately 15% of Americans (or about 40 million people) have at least one tattoo.” You’re just going to get one anyway, so get one now and hide it from your parents until you move out. A lot of people already do it. It’s very easy if you follow these steps.

Step #1: What they can’t see won’t hurt you.
Make sure your tattoo is in a good spot that can be hidden. Places like your chest, back, and shoulders are good places, just remember you can’t take off your shirt around your parents if you get one there. If you get one on your upper arm or shoulder you can not wear a sleeveless shirt. Another place that is good is your feet or ankles. If you get one there remember to always wear socks that can cover the tattoo and never walk around barefoot. Lower arms and legs are bad spots because they are hard to cover up in the summer time. Your inner lip is a great place to get one but you’d be crazy to get one there. The one place no one can see would be your ass and other private parts, unless they’re perverts. Many people get a small tattoo because it is easy to hide. One person known as Phat Baz on Yahoo U.K. Answers said “I hid my tattoo I did myself at school on my left wrist when I was 13 from my mum until I was 21. Thank god for tennis wristbands and crap fashion in the 80’s ha ha ha .”

Step #2: No snitching
Make sure if you tell anyone it’s someone you trust. Don’t tell your younger siblings about it if they can’t keep a secret, but if they can then it’s ok to tell them andhopefully they can help you hide it from your parents. Don’t tell someone that talks to your parents’ everyday, they might forget and rat you out. Your friends are the best people to tell because they may be hiding something from their parents too and know what you’re going through. Just make sure if you tell anyone let them know that you’re hiding it from your parents.

Step #3: Don’t get caught
Make sure when you’re getting changed you lock the door so no one walks in on you. Make sure when you take a shower you take it when your parents are not home. If you can’t do that then bring your clothes into the bathroom and get changed in there, don’t put a towel around you and walk to your room, you run the risk of getting caught. If you go to the beach or pool with your family and your tattoo is on your upper part of your body, make sure you wear a colored shirt. A white one will be see throw when it gets wet. If you’re a girl wear a bathing suit such as a one piece, which covers your tattoo. If your tattoo is on your foot or ankles make sure you wear sandals that can cover it. Another good thing to do when going into the water is wear water shoes or crocks so no one notices it. Best bet is to avoid going to the beach with your family. It will save you so much time.

Step #4: Busted!
If your parents do find out, most of the times they do, be prepared to get an ear full from them. Most parents don’t freak out as much but if they do, don’t say anything just let them yell and get it all out at you first. Take your punishment like an adult. Wait a day or two for them to cool down, then sit down with them and tell them that you’re sorry for doing this behind their backs and that you didn’t mean to hurt them. Remind them that you’re an adult and it’s your body your decision. Tell them it’s important and means a lot to you. tell them how long you had it for; explain to them what you went through getting it and how nervous you were about them finding out. Your parents won’t be mad at you forever just remember this was your choice that you made on your own. One person known as phantomsjewel on Yahoo answers said “Unfortunately they’re going to find out. Parents always find out what you don’t want them to. You might as well just come clean and hope that they are the type of parents that will give you kudos for doing that. It’s time to grow up and accept responsibility. That’s what people who are old enough to get tattoos do and why you should have waited till you were mature enough to handle it.”

These steps are a very affective way to hide a tattoo from your parents. Just remember this is your decision and no one else can make it for you. Your parents won’t hate you or be mad at you forever. Just know they won’t be happy if they find out. It’s not a bad thing to hide a tattoo from them; it’s not like your committing a crime or anything. If you follow these steps successfully then you should not have a problem. Who knows this could be a funny story to tell your kids someday.


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